Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jatukam Luang Phor Thuat 2550 - Wat Changhai

Jatukam Luang Phor Thuat roon Burana Wat Changhai, Pattani

This batch of JTK LPT was launched in 2550 and made by famous temple of Luang Phor Thuat which is Wat Changhai. The purpose of this batch is to raise fund for construction of temple and also the city pillar of Pattani. The "kerb" version was produced less and is very rare compared to the powder type. According to the news from thailand, the only 2 survivors from the recent bomb attack are wearing this JTK LPT. The kerb version came in a set of four pcs with different colour (Green, Blue, Red and Yellow). Each pcs come with a unique serial number and temple chop sign. Certainly a good collection for LPT and JTK followers.
Material: Kerb
Size: 5cm
Price for one set: RM 799
Price for one pcs: RM 230
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pikanet 2551

This is a famous batch of Pikanet made in 2551 (2008).
The design and the mould is absolutely perfect.
Available in Silver, 3k, Bronze, Pink Copper(coated copper).
Size: 3.2 cm
Price: Silver RM 238
3K RM 128
Bronze RM 65
Pink Copper RM 68
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