Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LP Thuat roon Songnam Mahamongkon 52

LP Thuat yiap nam talay jeut roon songnam Mahamongkon 52
(LP Thuat Step on Sea water become tasteless batch Songnam Mahamongkon 52)
I had the pleasure and chance to become this batch Temple Commitee therefore I will open this batch for all of you to order. Guarantee temple price + postage only. This batch i do it for the sake of helping temple to raise fund for building temple main enterance and also temple renovation. At the same time, I personally thinks that this batch is good and have famous monk doing the chanting. If you require booking form or catalogue and poster please contact me as well. Please pass it to you fren who have interested in amulet as well.
Details as below: (if you have further question please post it here or contact me)
Temple name: Wat SamNakSong TonLiabLocation: Songkhla - Sethinpha distric (Birth place of LP Thuat)
Please refer to the second page of the catalog where you can see the temple do pray for the statue of LP Thuat's parent (third row first pic)
Chanting start on 10 March 2009
Final Chanting and release on 30th April 2009
Five main monks that create and chant this batch:(second page start from first row on the left)
Por Than Chin - 87 years old, his is one of the monk that involve in creating LPT Wat Changhai 2497 during Ajahn Tim's period.
Por Than Wan - 93 years old, he is the creator for the famous LPT Shen Zhen batch.
Por Than Kiaw - 81 years old, from Wat Wooingok which is very close to WCH and he also involved in 2497 WCH batch.
Por Than Seng - 88 years old, Creator of LPT first batch 2506 wat Pra koh
Por Than Koon - 65 years old, he is the diciple of Achan Nong that AC Nong had passed down the knowledge of making LPT to him.
Booking close on April - please act fast if you wish to book for this batch.
Prices quoted are from THB convert into RM plus postage from Thai to Malaysia.
If you are stay other than Penang please add RM 5 for postage, if not you can collect from me in Penang.Please pass it on to your fren that interested in, to do a merit by helping temple raise fund for renovation.
Thanks alot - Krop Khun Krap ...
Please refer the below for the price:
Please refer the below for the price:
1. Silver Set of LP Thuat - THB 2500 - RM 280
1 pcs of Silver LPT loop lor
1 pcs of Silver rian big size
3 pcs of Silver rian longya (3 different longya colour)
2. Nawa Set of LP Thuat - THB 999 - RM 110
1 pcs of Nawa LPT loop lor
1 pcs of Nawa rian big size
3 pcs of Nawa rian small size
3. Big Size Rian -
3.1 Silver with gold mask - THB 2399 - RM 265
3.2 Silver with Thai flag longya - THB 999 - RM 110
3.3 Silver with Red longya - THB 899 - RM 100
3.4 Silver with Green longya - THB 899 - RM100
3.5 Silver with Blue longya - THB 899 - RM100
3.6 Nawa with Silver mask - THB 759 - RM 84
3.7 Old Silver - THB 399 - RM 44
3.8 Coated Gold with Thai flag - THB 299 - RM 33
3.9 Coated Gold with Red Longya - THB 259 - RM 29
3.10 Coated Gold with Green Longya - THB 259 - RM 29
3.11 Coated Gold with Blue Longya - THB 259 - RM 29
3.12 Bronze - THB 159 - RM 18
3.13 Copper - THB 99 - RM 12
4. Small size rian (Med Dtang)
4.1 Silver with Gold mask - THB 399 - RM44
4.2 Silver - THB 299 - RM 33
4.3 Old Silver - THB 199 - RM 22
4.4 Coated gold with Red Longya - THB 99 - RM 12
4.5 Coated gold with Green Longya - THB 99 - RM 12
4.6 Coated gold with Blue Longya - THB 99 - RM 12
4.7 Bronze - THB 59 - RM 7
Closing Date is April - After April price will be different
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Achan Deng Wat Rai 2551 second batch

This is your great chance to own a set LPT created by Ajahn Deng, Wat Rai in Pattani province. This batch is the second batch made in year 2551 and the purpose is to raise fund for the construction and renovation of the unfinished temple. This batch had been chanted over the Pansa period and is very worth collecting. The price of first batch, Songnam 51 Luangkasuka been shot up very high due to good demand.

The photo show above is a set of LPT that consists of four items, total made 5678 set. Set will have on Nawa loop lor, one rakung (material from old bell) taulit, one copper rian and one Longya red rian. The nawa loop lor for this batch is special due to the look very similar to LP Ngern. Ajahn deng is now very famous in Thailand for creating LPT amulet.

Price: RM 250 (one set, 4 pcs)

Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New LP Ngern 2551 Open for order now

This is a new batch of LP Ngern that will be launch soon. Ngern in thai words means (silver or money), a lot believed that wearing and pray to LP Ngern will have better luck in terms of financial and also get wealth. This batch is produce under the blessing of Thai princess and famous monk did joint in for the chanting ceremony.
Right now it opens for booking and ordering, this batch will be launched on mid January.
Those that interested need to be fast if not after launch the price will go up very fast.
Order outside of Malaysia will have to bare additional postage.
Below are the pricing, please confirm ASAP, closing date is 9 December 2008.
LP Ngern Loop Lor (there are 2 phim, look almost similar and same price)
Nawa: RM 190
Silver: RM 150
3k: RM 100
Brass: RM 70
LP Ngern Big Triangle rian
Nawa: RM 160
Silver Longya: RM 160
Silver: RM 120
3k: RM 80
Brass: RM 60
LP Ngern small Triangle rian:
Nawa: RM 120
Silver Longya: RM 120
Silver: RM 90
3k: RM 70
Brass: RM 40
Prosperity Turtle:
Nawa: RM 160
Silver: RM 125
Gold plated: RM 90
Special set: RM 150 (one silver plated and one gold plated)
Ivory: RM 110
Brass: RM 60

Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Luang Pu Thuat - Ajahn Deng Wat Rai 2551

This batch of Luang Pu Thuat is Created in 2551 by Ajahn Deng from Wat Rai in Pattani province. The purpose of making this batch is to raise fund for building the main temple in Wat Rai Pattani. The batch is called LPT Songnam 2551 LuangKasuka. The LPT loop lor showing above is made by using Nawa material. It comes with a nice collectable box and every pcs carries a unique serial number at the bottom and a chop of chinese word "fu" meaning prosperity.

Although this batch had been launched just a few months ago, but the price of it had raised a lot. A lot of LPT collector is looking for this batch and I heard that most of them are Singaporean. The loop lor were made 5555 pcs and had been sold out from temple during booking period. Obviously this batch is a real worth collectible item.

More items of Ajahn Deng are coming up .... stay tune with us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rian LP Sodh Wat PakNam 2538

This batch of LP Sodh metal coin was made in year 2538 (13 years ago) and from Wat PakNam. LP Sodh is one of the great guru's, he is the abbot of Wat Paknam therefore he was also known as Luang Pu Wat Paknam. Luang Pu Wat Paknam is best known by his miracles, prophecies and super-natural healing powers. LP Sodh is the one who rediscover Dhammakaya meditation. This piece is a very worth collection for LP Sodh followers. This amulet will bring you safety, luck and prosperity. You will need to recite LP Sodh's famous katha "samma arahang" to make it more efficious and powerful.
Copper: RM68
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jatukam Luang Phor Thuat 2550 - Wat Changhai

Jatukam Luang Phor Thuat roon Burana Wat Changhai, Pattani

This batch of JTK LPT was launched in 2550 and made by famous temple of Luang Phor Thuat which is Wat Changhai. The purpose of this batch is to raise fund for construction of temple and also the city pillar of Pattani. The "kerb" version was produced less and is very rare compared to the powder type. According to the news from thailand, the only 2 survivors from the recent bomb attack are wearing this JTK LPT. The kerb version came in a set of four pcs with different colour (Green, Blue, Red and Yellow). Each pcs come with a unique serial number and temple chop sign. Certainly a good collection for LPT and JTK followers.
Material: Kerb
Size: 5cm
Price for one set: RM 799
Price for one pcs: RM 230
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pikanet 2551

This is a famous batch of Pikanet made in 2551 (2008).
The design and the mould is absolutely perfect.
Available in Silver, 3k, Bronze, Pink Copper(coated copper).
Size: 3.2 cm
Price: Silver RM 238
3K RM 128
Bronze RM 65
Pink Copper RM 68
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jatukam Putthaisawan 2550 roon KunChong

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ajahn Chut from Wat Putthaisawan. Wat Putthaisawan is famous for making and chanting of Jatukam amulet. All the jatukam batches from Putthaisawan had a very high collectible value, market value and powerful. The batch is called Jatukam roon KunChong. It come in as a set consists of two pcs, one big 5cm and one small 3.2. Both the big and small phim look exactly the same just different in size. At the front of the amulet is Jatukam surrounded by 12 zodiac and 16 Rahu's. Back of the amulet is a piece of metal with polished nicely and look like a mirror and the purpose of it is to reflect all unfortunate matters away from you. A very stunning Jatukam that worth collecting.
Material: Copper
Size: 5cm and 3.2cm
Year made: 2550
I will only rent it out as a set which consists of big and small. Limited set available only.
Price: RM 500 per set
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jatukam roon Phatomkasat (KhunPhan Funeral)

red colour front view

red colour back view

brown colour front view

brown colour back view

This batch of Jatukam is one of the Phatomkasak batches that created by Ajahn KhunPhan's son. This batch had a high value of collection because this batch was the official Khun Phan Funeral ceremony batch. During Khun Phan funeral this amulet was given away by the temple as a memory and respect towards Ajahn Khun Phan. A lot of his followers and peoples spend days queqing in front of the temple just to get this batch.
Front view of the amulet is Jatukam surrounded by Rahu and 12 Zodiac, At the back of the amulet is Ajahn KhunPhan. This batch come in a set of 3 pcs, brown, red and black.

If you are interested, you have to take in a set, no seperate orders will be accepted. It doesn't came with box and only with original plastic seal written official KhunPhan funeral and the date of the ceremony. Is not easy to find this batch in the market.

Size: 5cm
Material: powder
Price: RM450 per set (limited sets available only)

If you are interested, please send me an email.
Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

LP Thuat AC KhunPhan Commerative

Front View

Back View

This batch of LP Thuat is created by AC KhunPhan's son in the memory of AC KhunPhan. This is one of the Pattomkasat Batches and very popular. The front view of the amulet is a LP Thuat (Big Head) and rear of the amulet is AC KhunPhan. This amulet is made in the year of 2550. A very worth collection especially for AC KhunPhan's follower.

Material: copper

Price: RM 150

Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest Updates for Jatukam Putthaisawan 2551

Hi Everyone,

Finally the Jatukam Putthaisawan 2551 are in stock.
For the details of this batch, please refer back to my earlier post.

Nawa with Silver center - RM 580 (need to order)

Brass with Copper Center - RM 180

Copper with Brass Center - RM 210

Jatukam Copper Coin Special - RM210

Please sent me an email if you are interested or if you need any additional information.

Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jatukam Putthaisawan 2551

This is a new batch of Jatukam from Wat Putthaisawan. This batch is created on 2551 (2008) by AhChan Chut from Wat Putthaisawan. Jatukam create from Wat Putthaisawan had a very high collectible value. Wat Putthaisawan is the one of the pioneer in creating Jatukam amulets. Jatukam from Putthaisawan is efficious and powerful. The amulet above is made using copper and the size is 4cm. There are other version including nawa and silver as well. A worth collection for jatukam collector.
material: copper
size: 4 cm
price: around rm 180 (estimated price, will be update once confirmed)
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jatukam AC Khun Phan Parang -2550

Front View

Back View

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ahjan Khun Phan's sons for the memory of Ajahn Khun Phan. Ajahn Khun Phan had gained high respect when he was police general. The back of the Jatukam is Ajahn Khun Phan holding a sword (Parang), some people call this batch as Parang. This batch was made in 2550. A very worth collectible especially for Ajahn Khun Phan's follower.

material: copper

price: RM 120

Updated 4th December 2007 - Stock in hand, left 5 more...

Please email to me if interested. Thanks for viewing.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jatukam LuakMeung MahaMongkon 2550

Front View

Back View

This batch is called Jatukam roon Luak Meung MahaMongkon 2550. This is one of the most stunning Jatukam amulets created in year 2550. This is from Wat Pra Boromatat in Narkon SiTamarrat. The creator for this batch is Mr. Nasan Puntarukrachdech son of Khun Phan. The batch of Jatukam had gone thru 16 times of Chanting Ceremony. One of the ingrediant for this batch is the sacred powder from famous Burana LuakMeung 2547. A worth collection.
Size: 5cm
Type: Kerb with tri-colour.
Bulk 10 pcs.
Price: RM250 per pcs (estimated, but wont exceed)
Updated 4th December 2007, already get stock and ready to ship out to buyer
Order list:
1. Dan - Delivered
2. Pykuan - Delivered
3. Goh - Delivered
4. Booked - Delivered
5. Booked - Delivered
6. Booked - Delivered
7. Booked - Delivered
8. Booked - Delivered
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Let me introduce myself before I start doing this bulk...... I am a amulet collector from Penang, Malaysia. I had been collecting thai amulet since 6-7 years ago. Most of my amulets are directly from either temple or thailand. I do always travel to Thailand and that is why I had some contacts over there in Thailand. I seldom rent or purchase amulet locally here in Malaysia because the price here are too high and overprice. With the contacts that I had, I am able to get you cheaper and 100% genuine amulets. The purpose I created this blog is to gather all the amulet collector to do a bulk order, with higher quatity of purchase we are able to get a lower price. Because of the buying power that we had, we are able negotiate further with my supplier.

Please read thru the below FAQ and if you do have any further question, please leave your comments over here or email me directly at


1. What is Bulk order or Bulk Purchase?

Bulk order or bulk purchase means at one time we are buying in a high quatity of goods. Just like dealer buying in goods from their supplier.

2. Why Bulk Purchase and what are the advantages?

Just like other amulet shops here in Malaysia, they are buying in a single type of amulet with high quantity, with high quantity they can get a better price from their supplier. We can do as what they are doing so that we can get a cheaper price compare to amulet shop. The advantages are lower price, 100% genuine and over here we can get to know other amulet collectors.

3. How does it work? How to purchase in Bulk?

First I will post up a few batches of thai amulets, for the amulets that I had post up I do not have them in stock. Then I will set a target quantity for the batch. If we can get orders to the preset quatity, then I will proceed the bulk.

For example, I post up Jatukam roon Treprakiat, RM 50, minimum bulk quantity 10 pcs.
User "A" saw my post and she decide to order 2 pcs, then I will take down the order.
User "B" ordered 5 pcs for himself and his fren.
User "C" ordered 1 pcs
my fren ordered 3 pcs.
So total order are 11 pcs which means this bulk purchase will be succeed. The next trip to Thailand I will go and take the stock and distribute to the buyer that had ordered. By average, I travel to Thailand once a month.

4. How do I place my order and How the payment should be made.

If you found something interesting that I had posted and you decided to order, please sent me an email with the batch that you want, quantity that you want and your contacts details. I will send back a confirmation mail after I had receive your order.

For payment, you do not need to pay me when you order. Payment will only be collected after I get the amulets back from thailand and pass them to you. Payment will not be collected upon order because not every bulk will be success, for bulk that only has 1 or 2 orders will not make it to the end. I will not ask any deposite from you all but in return I need you all to make sure after you ordered and if the bulk is success, make sure you will collect the amulets. No cancellation in the last minutes.
For overseas buyer, payment can be made thru TT. All the charges of TT should be bear by the buyer and the buyer will aslo responsible for the postage.

5. Can COD (Cash on Delivery)?

No Problem as long as your location is in Penang. (Island only)

If do you find any instruction here is unclear or not stated please do let me know by leaving comments or email to

Thanks for your support .........