Monday, December 22, 2008

Achan Deng Wat Rai 2551 second batch

This is your great chance to own a set LPT created by Ajahn Deng, Wat Rai in Pattani province. This batch is the second batch made in year 2551 and the purpose is to raise fund for the construction and renovation of the unfinished temple. This batch had been chanted over the Pansa period and is very worth collecting. The price of first batch, Songnam 51 Luangkasuka been shot up very high due to good demand.

The photo show above is a set of LPT that consists of four items, total made 5678 set. Set will have on Nawa loop lor, one rakung (material from old bell) taulit, one copper rian and one Longya red rian. The nawa loop lor for this batch is special due to the look very similar to LP Ngern. Ajahn deng is now very famous in Thailand for creating LPT amulet.

Price: RM 250 (one set, 4 pcs)

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