Monday, November 24, 2008

New LP Ngern 2551 Open for order now

This is a new batch of LP Ngern that will be launch soon. Ngern in thai words means (silver or money), a lot believed that wearing and pray to LP Ngern will have better luck in terms of financial and also get wealth. This batch is produce under the blessing of Thai princess and famous monk did joint in for the chanting ceremony.
Right now it opens for booking and ordering, this batch will be launched on mid January.
Those that interested need to be fast if not after launch the price will go up very fast.
Order outside of Malaysia will have to bare additional postage.
Below are the pricing, please confirm ASAP, closing date is 9 December 2008.
LP Ngern Loop Lor (there are 2 phim, look almost similar and same price)
Nawa: RM 190
Silver: RM 150
3k: RM 100
Brass: RM 70
LP Ngern Big Triangle rian
Nawa: RM 160
Silver Longya: RM 160
Silver: RM 120
3k: RM 80
Brass: RM 60
LP Ngern small Triangle rian:
Nawa: RM 120
Silver Longya: RM 120
Silver: RM 90
3k: RM 70
Brass: RM 40
Prosperity Turtle:
Nawa: RM 160
Silver: RM 125
Gold plated: RM 90
Special set: RM 150 (one silver plated and one gold plated)
Ivory: RM 110
Brass: RM 60

Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.

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