Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jatukam Putthaisawan 2551

This is a new batch of Jatukam from Wat Putthaisawan. This batch is created on 2551 (2008) by AhChan Chut from Wat Putthaisawan. Jatukam create from Wat Putthaisawan had a very high collectible value. Wat Putthaisawan is the one of the pioneer in creating Jatukam amulets. Jatukam from Putthaisawan is efficious and powerful. The amulet above is made using copper and the size is 4cm. There are other version including nawa and silver as well. A worth collection for jatukam collector.
material: copper
size: 4 cm
price: around rm 180 (estimated price, will be update once confirmed)
Please email me to order this. Email: jatukam.amulet@yahoo.com
Thanks for viewing.

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