Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jatukam AC Khun Phan Parang -2550

Front View

Back View

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ahjan Khun Phan's sons for the memory of Ajahn Khun Phan. Ajahn Khun Phan had gained high respect when he was police general. The back of the Jatukam is Ajahn Khun Phan holding a sword (Parang), some people call this batch as Parang. This batch was made in 2550. A very worth collectible especially for Ajahn Khun Phan's follower.

material: copper

price: RM 120

Updated 4th December 2007 - Stock in hand, left 5 more...

Please email to me if interested. Thanks for viewing.


lessley said...

Hi, i would like to have the amulet of the memorial of khun pan..could u email me the details? how much is the price?

lessley said...

Hi, i'm interested with the amulet tat for memorial of ajhan Khun Phan..kinly let me know how to purchase it from u.. How much is the price?

Jatukam Amulet said...

Hi lessley,

Thanks for your query. Can you please leave your email so I can contacted you? Or you can write to me at jatukam.amulet@yahoo.com