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Let me introduce myself before I start doing this bulk...... I am a amulet collector from Penang, Malaysia. I had been collecting thai amulet since 6-7 years ago. Most of my amulets are directly from either temple or thailand. I do always travel to Thailand and that is why I had some contacts over there in Thailand. I seldom rent or purchase amulet locally here in Malaysia because the price here are too high and overprice. With the contacts that I had, I am able to get you cheaper and 100% genuine amulets. The purpose I created this blog is to gather all the amulet collector to do a bulk order, with higher quatity of purchase we are able to get a lower price. Because of the buying power that we had, we are able negotiate further with my supplier.

Please read thru the below FAQ and if you do have any further question, please leave your comments over here or email me directly at


1. What is Bulk order or Bulk Purchase?

Bulk order or bulk purchase means at one time we are buying in a high quatity of goods. Just like dealer buying in goods from their supplier.

2. Why Bulk Purchase and what are the advantages?

Just like other amulet shops here in Malaysia, they are buying in a single type of amulet with high quantity, with high quantity they can get a better price from their supplier. We can do as what they are doing so that we can get a cheaper price compare to amulet shop. The advantages are lower price, 100% genuine and over here we can get to know other amulet collectors.

3. How does it work? How to purchase in Bulk?

First I will post up a few batches of thai amulets, for the amulets that I had post up I do not have them in stock. Then I will set a target quantity for the batch. If we can get orders to the preset quatity, then I will proceed the bulk.

For example, I post up Jatukam roon Treprakiat, RM 50, minimum bulk quantity 10 pcs.
User "A" saw my post and she decide to order 2 pcs, then I will take down the order.
User "B" ordered 5 pcs for himself and his fren.
User "C" ordered 1 pcs
my fren ordered 3 pcs.
So total order are 11 pcs which means this bulk purchase will be succeed. The next trip to Thailand I will go and take the stock and distribute to the buyer that had ordered. By average, I travel to Thailand once a month.

4. How do I place my order and How the payment should be made.

If you found something interesting that I had posted and you decided to order, please sent me an email with the batch that you want, quantity that you want and your contacts details. I will send back a confirmation mail after I had receive your order.

For payment, you do not need to pay me when you order. Payment will only be collected after I get the amulets back from thailand and pass them to you. Payment will not be collected upon order because not every bulk will be success, for bulk that only has 1 or 2 orders will not make it to the end. I will not ask any deposite from you all but in return I need you all to make sure after you ordered and if the bulk is success, make sure you will collect the amulets. No cancellation in the last minutes.
For overseas buyer, payment can be made thru TT. All the charges of TT should be bear by the buyer and the buyer will aslo responsible for the postage.

5. Can COD (Cash on Delivery)?

No Problem as long as your location is in Penang. (Island only)

If do you find any instruction here is unclear or not stated please do let me know by leaving comments or email to

Thanks for your support .........

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Royal99 said...

have u ever heard about thai monk name Kruba Krissana? and have u ever see his amulets?