Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jatukam LuakMeung MahaMongkon 2550

Front View

Back View

This batch is called Jatukam roon Luak Meung MahaMongkon 2550. This is one of the most stunning Jatukam amulets created in year 2550. This is from Wat Pra Boromatat in Narkon SiTamarrat. The creator for this batch is Mr. Nasan Puntarukrachdech son of Khun Phan. The batch of Jatukam had gone thru 16 times of Chanting Ceremony. One of the ingrediant for this batch is the sacred powder from famous Burana LuakMeung 2547. A worth collection.
Size: 5cm
Type: Kerb with tri-colour.
Bulk 10 pcs.
Price: RM250 per pcs (estimated, but wont exceed)
Updated 4th December 2007, already get stock and ready to ship out to buyer
Order list:
1. Dan - Delivered
2. Pykuan - Delivered
3. Goh - Delivered
4. Booked - Delivered
5. Booked - Delivered
6. Booked - Delivered
7. Booked - Delivered
8. Booked - Delivered
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