Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jatukam roon Phatomkasat (KhunPhan Funeral)

red colour front view

red colour back view

brown colour front view

brown colour back view

This batch of Jatukam is one of the Phatomkasak batches that created by Ajahn KhunPhan's son. This batch had a high value of collection because this batch was the official Khun Phan Funeral ceremony batch. During Khun Phan funeral this amulet was given away by the temple as a memory and respect towards Ajahn Khun Phan. A lot of his followers and peoples spend days queqing in front of the temple just to get this batch.
Front view of the amulet is Jatukam surrounded by Rahu and 12 Zodiac, At the back of the amulet is Ajahn KhunPhan. This batch come in a set of 3 pcs, brown, red and black.

If you are interested, you have to take in a set, no seperate orders will be accepted. It doesn't came with box and only with original plastic seal written official KhunPhan funeral and the date of the ceremony. Is not easy to find this batch in the market.

Size: 5cm
Material: powder
Price: RM450 per set (limited sets available only)

If you are interested, please send me an email.
Thanks for viewing.

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