Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jatukam Putthaisawan 2550 roon KunChong

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ajahn Chut from Wat Putthaisawan. Wat Putthaisawan is famous for making and chanting of Jatukam amulet. All the jatukam batches from Putthaisawan had a very high collectible value, market value and powerful. The batch is called Jatukam roon KunChong. It come in as a set consists of two pcs, one big 5cm and one small 3.2. Both the big and small phim look exactly the same just different in size. At the front of the amulet is Jatukam surrounded by 12 zodiac and 16 Rahu's. Back of the amulet is a piece of metal with polished nicely and look like a mirror and the purpose of it is to reflect all unfortunate matters away from you. A very stunning Jatukam that worth collecting.
Material: Copper
Size: 5cm and 3.2cm
Year made: 2550
I will only rent it out as a set which consists of big and small. Limited set available only.
Price: RM 500 per set
Please email me to order this. Email:
Thanks for viewing.


remarque said...

I'm yrchen.
I have sent you the payment for
this amulet set.
please check your email for
more message from me.

remarque said...

I got your amulets!!!
It's looks very very beautiful.
Looks better than the photo.
The seller sell what he said in this blog. Thank you!!
Really glad to receive this amulet set.